German Lager Showdown

German Lagers

German Lagers

I’ve been negligent as of late in tending to my blogging and 101 things list, so I’m trying to get back into the swing of things the best way I know how: by drinking.

Germany is perhaps one of the best known origins of lager beer. I’ve read that many of the American and Asian breweries got started with yeast strains derived (read: “stolen”) from their European counterparts. So you’d think that the lineup of German lagers would overall score highly in my little challenge.

And you’d pretty much be right! There was only one of the five that didn’t taste good, and all the others were quite tasty. I had high hopes for Spaten and Paulaner breweries, both of which have stronger beers that I like a lot: Optimator and Salvator, respectively. Hofbrau claimed to be “original” so I had to get that. And what German beer challenge would be complete without the recognizable faces of St Pauli Girl and Beck’s?

German Lagers in their poured state

German Lagers in their poured state

Unfortunately Paulaner did not live up to my self-created hype. It had a distinctly off flavor and ended up in last place. Hofbrau was relatively non-descript. St. Pauli was missing the hop aroma but had good hop flavor. Spaten had a great aroma and a mild but sweet flavor profile. Beck’s I thought would fare poorly due to it’s large distribution but it ended up in first place with a rich and hoppy flavor and good body. It moves on to the final round! The final finishing order was:

  1. Beck’s
  2. Spaten
  3. St. Pauli Girl
  4. Hofbrau
  5. Paulaner
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