Lagers of the World: The Final Round

Lagers of the World Finalists

Lagers of the World Finalists

With the results in from my previous lager challenge rounds, the stage was set for the final showdown among the great lagers of the world.

At Amanda’s prompting we decided to make it slightly more interesting by throwing in a wildcard: Sam Adams Boston Lager. I hand’t done an official American craft brew round so I figured adding Sam Adams to the mix would give them some representation.

As it turns out, Sam Adams is noticeably darker than its opponents in this challenge and therefore was disqualified for being different (we only care about those beers who aim to be like all the others). However we valiantly managed to finish the glass anyway.

In spite of each of them winning their respective rounds, there were a couple here that just had an off flavor: Tecate and Baltika to be exact. In spite of being in a glass bottle, Baltika had a metallic favor that I didn’t pick up on before.

Beck’s was interesting because it had a strong honey flavor up front, but the more I drank of it the more I began to dislike it.

Fosters had an earthy flavor profile that worked really well (and is what we used to boil our kasekrainer sausages in the next day). Coors was mild but had a good malty aftertaste that landed it in second place.

But the winner was from the Phillipines: San Miguel. It was a little on the sweet side, overall very smooth and no off flavors.

The final rankings are:

  1. San Miguel (Phillipines)
  2. Coors (United States)
  3. Foster’s (Australia)
  4. Tecate (Mexico)
  5. Beck’s (Germany)
  6. Baltika (Russia)
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