Cats Playing Soccer

In honor of the World Cup matches I’m posting some videos of Zephyr playing soccer. He’s taught himself how to dribble his jingle ball around the house, keeping himself entertained for hours on end. This is great on one hand because we don’t have to give him attention. On the other hand he tends to start playing at 4am. It was tricky filming him because he will typically stop and wait for you to throw the ball if he knows you’re watching. But you can sneak up on him and see the dribbling in action.

Not to be shown up, Athena also has her crazy moments albeit with different toys. I was home sick this week and had my cold medicine pills in the wrapper but sitting on the table. She thought it would be fun to steal them and bring them to the other room to eat. As soon as I had retrieved and downed the pills I gave her the wrapper to play with.

In this second video she’s showing off nearly the same skills as Zephyr! It’s interesting how she copies him on things.

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