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Homemade Amaro #1

Background I decided to base my first amaro recipe after a couple others that I found online: Popular Mechanics and¬† Tickled Palate. I liked the double-infusion method to have more control over the ingredients. I also did some substitutions to … Continue reading

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Delaware Highpoint – Ebright Azimuth

The Delaware state highpoint,¬†Ebright Azimuth, may not see impressive on the surface. It’s just a simple sign and park bench at an otherwise nondescript intersection near the Pennsylvania border; a “drive-up.” And it’s the second-lowest state highpoint at just 448 … Continue reading

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California Highpoint – Mount Whitney

Where the Journey Started highpointing, n., the sport of ascending to the point with the highest elevation within some area (the “highpoint”), for example the highest points in each state. I started highpointing in 2011, but I didn’t recognize it … Continue reading

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Recipe for Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream with Xylitol

Background I switched to a low-carb (<50g per day) and high-fat diet at the beginning of this year in an effort to improve my running and long-term health. Some of the adjustments have been easy (e.g. eating hamburgers without the … Continue reading

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DIY Sports Drink Recipe

For the past few years I’ve relied on Accelerade Fruit Punch to nourish me through intense running workouts. However, as this year I’ve shifted more to cycling, I’ve been doing less intense workouts and don’t need as high of concentration … Continue reading

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Year in Review – 2011

It has been way too long since my last post (20 months). This was not because I had nothing interesting about which to write; just the opposite, in fact! However my crowded working, training, traveling, and eating schedules ended up … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons I Love Portland

Earlier this month I completed another fact-finding mission: figuring out if I really truly love Portland, Oregon. Amanda and I first visited Portland in 2005 after a glowing recommendation from my brother. Since then I’ve been longing to go back: … Continue reading

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